Hello, my name is Darlene, and I love history. And you know what’s great? I live in a place that’s a history buff’s playground – Birmingham, Alabama. If you’ve landed on this page, then it’s a good chance that you, too, have an active interest in history. There’s a lot to discover about Birmingham’s past. Let’s explore together.  If you have a particular interest you’d like The Birmingham Buff to visit, please leave a reply below. Or you can send an email to birminghambuff@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as possible.   I’m also open to constructive insight, so please feel free to give me your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. ‘Mam your blog is insightful, informative, entertaining and very well written. You must have inherited your intellectual acumen from your father!

  2. Greetings from Savannah, Darlene.
    My name is Tim and I was your tour guide a couple of nights ago. I had a wonderful time with your group. I give tours for student groups all the time and those scouts were some of the best behaved kids I’ve ever had. You and the other chaperones should be proud.
    It was a pleasure to have met you all and thank you for telling me about your blog. I can tell I’ll visit it often. It is my kind of stuff. You have some great info on here.

    Tim Rowell
    Oglethorpe Tours
    Savannah, Ga.

  3. Hello Darlene,
    I was born in Birmingham and moved to California in 1956. I will be in the city in September…will there be a Birmingham Bluff tour during that time? Looking at your sir name…I know your family here in California.

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