I admit it. I live in the past. Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not one to hold grudges (or at least I like to think I’m not). I love history, and more specifically, right now, I am enjoying learning about old Birmingham. If you live in Birmingham like me, you live in a place that is a history buff’s playground. Birmingham may be a young city (established after the Civil War), but it’s rich in background.  Want to live in the past with me?  Then visit The Birmingham Buff often for interviews, historical book reviews, tidbits, and more.

Looking for fun with a historical bent? Go over to the “You Don’t Want to Miss These Events” page.  You’re bound to find something of interest. Have a comment? Just leave me a reply and I will respond as soon as possible, or send me an email at

I’m excited about what’s in store for The Birmingham Buff and her readers. I hope you are too.

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