Vulcan and the Teacher

30 Things I Didn’t Know about Birmingham

I am sharing interesting tidbits about Birmingham and some of her people that I’ve recently learned. These items may be new to you as well or just a reminder. 

Number ONE

Vulcan and the Teacher

Walk through Linn Park headed toward Birmingham’s world-class Linn-Henley Research Library and you’ll pass a statue of a handsome, studious woman. The statue depicts Mary A. Cahalan resting a heavy book on her lap; it’s a pose worthy of her position as teacher and then later principal of Powell School. The statue was dedicated on May 1, 1908, two years after Cahalan’s death, and restored in 2006.

Did you know that Giuseppe Moretti sculpted the piece? His name should sound familiar as Moretti (1857 – 1935) also designed Vulcan, the city’s much-loved iron man.

Statue of Mary A. Cahalan

Statue of Mary A. Cahalan

Giuseppe Moretti

Giuseppe Moretti

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