Fairfield native and Motown star, Dennis Edwards, dead at 74

Dennis Edwards, who was born Feb. 3, 1943 in Fairfield, has died in a Chicago hospital from complications of meningitis. In 1968, Edwards joined the Temptations (where he would share lead vocals with Birmingham native Eddie Kendrick) after the talented but temperamental David Ruffin had been dismissed from the group. Edwards sang on and off with the Temptations until the late 1980s. He embarked on a solo career in the mid-80s and had a big hit with “Don’t Look Any Further.”

Edwards revisited his hometown in 2016 to perform in a fundraiser with his group “The Temptation Review.” In 1989, Edwards was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall  of Fame, along with the original members of the Temptations.

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