Sonia Sanchez

30 Things I Didn’t Know about Birmingham

I’m sharing interesting tidbits I’ve recently learned about Birmingham and some of her people. These items may be new to you as well or just a reminder. 


Did you know that Sonia Sanchez, the famed poet, playwright, essayist, etc., was born in Birmingham? Born Wilsonia Benita Driver on September 9, 1934, Sanchez was named for her father, jazz musician and teacher Wilson Driver (who studied under John “Fess” Whatley).  Some of her collections include “Homecoming” (1969), “I’ve Been a Woman: New and Selected Poems” (1985), and “Morning Haiku” (2010).

Sonia Sanchez Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger

Sonia Sanchez
Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger

From “Morning Haiku”

Let me wear the day
Well so when it reaches you
You will enjoy it

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